Lucid Fire Volition

melancholy post-pop

Lucid Fire Volition is melancholy post-pop in the category of The Cure and Joy Division.

Lucid Fire Volition's 'Tolerance for Integrity' was the first album released on PhoenixHeart Records. This first album was acoustic guitar and voice. Keyboard and occasional processed guitar was added for the epic, very dark, 'Until One Thorough Rain, For You'. Processed guitar took center stage and the drum machine entered the mix on the following release, 'Not Another Lie'. The 21 best song recordings from these albums and B-Sides were put together on 'Best of the First Three Years 2001-2004'.

LFV may very likely put out some new music in one way or another in the near future...

'Best of the First Three Years' (retrospective)
'Not Another Lie'
'Until One Thorough Rain, For You'
'Tolerance for Integrity'

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