The Yellow Day Brigade (The YDB)

libertarian hardcore punk and thrash

The Yellow Day Brigade (a.k.a. “The YDB”, 2004-2007) seeks to set the "punks" straight with its brand of rationalhardcore, a genre and movement it essentially founded. A revival of that old-school combination of jackhammer beats and thrashy riffs recalling Bad Brains and Minor Threat presents a shock to the wussy emo-pop-punk and extra-heavy metalcore fans alike. As if a jolt of early eighties hardcore is not enough, The YDB's version also fuses mechanical beats and acid-bath guitar processing for an industrial edge heavily influenced by Big Black.

The abrasive sound waves aside, consider the amazement of some punk/hardcore enthusiasts when they discover The Yellow Day Brigade is staunchly against Leftist politics. In creating the rationalhardcore movement, The YDB seeks to create hardcore/punk music and culture steeped in anarcho-capitalist/paleo-libertarian discipline - And it will be done with or without the "mainstream hardcore/punk" empire. After all, isn't secession central to real hardcore/punk?

The YDB's 'Stop Kidding Yourself' & 'Taxation is Theft' albums are combined for a total of 39 songs on one audio cd. That's almost 80 minutes of industrialized rationalhardcore thrash and jams. These two albums were meant to be together, and they are front and center in the rationalhardcore movement. A must for libertarians and fans of oldschool hardcore like Bad Brains & Minor Threat! Go to or click your choice below to download the double-album.


'Taxation is Theft + Stop Kidding Yourself' (retrospective)
'Taxation is Theft'
'Stop Kidding Yourself'

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THE YELLOW DAY BRIGADE: Taxation is Theft / Stop Kidding Yourself
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