industrialized paleolibertarian hardcore punk

"Anarchists Beget Original Rebellion Toward
Securing Capitalist Environments Necessitating Entrepreneurship"

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ABORT SCENE is Digital rationalhardcore & electronic paleolibertarian punk taking over where The Yellow Day Brigade left off, and providing 38 explicit bursts of liberty-driven hardcore to define the real alternative to the leftist/statist corruption of both punk and the mainstream.

With many songs structured in the fashion of Germs, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Misfits, TSOL, and similar bands, ABORT SCENE has also been exploring other extensions of the classic hardcore style. Electronica has played an increasing role, often placing the rhythmic vocals of hardcore atop hardcore-electronica crossover sounds.

Lyrically, ABORT SCENE strives to be an antidote to the effects of MDC, Bad Religion, Rage Against The Machine, and other artists spewing leftist views and popularizing criminal agendas. ABORT SCENE has a strong bid for the title of most prolific explicitly paleolibertarian music artist.

A voice for a conscious movement against leftist PC pollution in the schools and beyond.

'Seeds of the Real Alternative' (retrospective)
'Shock & Reason'
'Right to Secede'
'If You Want Peace'

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