Nuke The Rainforest

conservative, anti-pc folk-punk

Nuke The Rainforest is GOING ELECTRIC with conservative, anti-pc punk rock and folk-punk. Laissez Faire, and beyond that Nuke The Rainforest really just wants everyone to smile and get along, so sit back, listen, and get enlightened!

The 'Skin A Cat' demo consists of straightforward, lo-fi conservative punk rock and hardcore punk. Taking after the Misfits a bit with songs about Sci-Fi, Horror, and Action flicks. Sounds kind of like the first Circle Jerks and TSOL records, or maybe some UK82 hardcore punk. And yes, there is a psychobilly/rockabilly influence there.

The 'Nuke' album is mellow, home-grown acoustic guitar and a voice attacking everything from stale feminazi bitchiness to so-called "fair trade" coffee creep smugness and mind-numbing campus "diversity" propaganda. A follow-up is in the works, as Nuke The Rainforest can't stop finding reasons to rip on the backward culture of contemporary America.

'Skin A Cat'

'Live Gig'

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