PhoenixHeart Records & Media is a Media Label and Production Company promoting music by friends and associates of the rationalhardcore & conservative punk movements. We also publish the online journals of libertarian punk and gonzo conservatism, rationalhardcore times / Conservative Alternative Magazine.

We're really about exorcising politics from music and culture, and therefore much of our output is actually apolitical. Most of the rest is antipolitical, and we find it strange that some people are turned off by the idea of libertarian music and media. We encourage people to learn about anarcho-capitalism, paleolibertarianism, & voluntaryism before trying to judge us or what we do. We think most people simply aren't aware of what these concepts are or how they apply to the issues in their lives. Many will be surprised these are the prerequisites for the justice and freedom they really want. We hope you appreciate our efforts.

A common thread that strongly connects much of what we do is an objection to socialist and statist influences that have permeated many of the media sources of our day. We strive for excellence with an entrepreneurial spirit that WILL NOT bow to the social pressures and trends that would have us employ reasonless affirmative action submessages and anti-male sexism (or any racism/sexism for that matter). As ABORT SCENE said, we are building the REAL ALTERNATIVE.

We cater to a demographic that shares our values.


Please CONTACT US about music licensing, publishing, and promotion.

PhoenixHeart Records & Media

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